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Hashtower provides the safest and the most stable validator service enhancing the value of blockchain ecosystem and delegators.

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Cosmos blockchain distributes 7~20% bonding rewards per annum, based on policy. Expertise and experience of validator is utmost crucial to secure assets without loss. Hashtower is dedicated to providing the best secured service based on its valuable know-how accumulated through collaboration with various projects.

Delegate on GDAC exchange

Direct Delegation

To delegate your ATOMs to Hashtower and start earning rewards, you'll need to delegate your stake to the address below.


For detailed instructions, please refer to the official guide

gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper1ma02nlc7lchu7caufyrrqt4r6v2mpsj90y9wzd (*number of uatom to bond*) --node --from (*key name*) --gas 100000 --gas-prices 0.5uatom --chain-id cosmoshub-2

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Hashtower fosters culture of excellence providing reliable, exclusive value backed by its industry leading developers and its partner, GDAC exchange.

Infra-architecture Optimized for Security

Hashtower has accumulated valuable know-how and expertise via its collaborations with Cosmos, CyberMiles, and Terra. Through such experience, Hashtower has built an infra-architecture optimized for security to defend validation nodes from network attacks and hacks. Hashtower aims to contribute to the development of the blockchain ecosystem and strive to give our customers full confidence in safety and security of their assets.

Customer Asset Protection Program

In collaboration with GDAC exchange, Hashtower plans to launch Reserve Deposit System to minimize potential losses in the event of network slashing. Reserve Deosit System shall enhance security of assets, encourage participation in governance and contribute to development of the ecosystem.

Participation in Governance

Assets delgated to Hashtower through GDAC exchange grant the right to participate in network governance by vote, which will indirectly contribute to the project development.


Industry leading team of engineers and cyber security experts protect customers' assets.

Hashtower's team composed of top engineers and cyber security experts from AhnLab, Yahoo, Samsung Electronics, Kakao, and Shinhan Card, is at alert 24/7, day and night to operate reliable validation service.